19 March 2011

Inspiration (Great Expectation)

He/she has the most interesting character among all.
He/she inspires me to be a better student because…

  • Come to class on time with the attitude to learn! Has a good manner - very  disciplined and well-behaved
  • Bring along the needed supplies (*updated note and tutorial) during class
  • Take notes on lectures. Pay attention. Enjoy the subject. Simplify the chapter with own understanding.
  • Does not hesitate to ask any question to the lecturer, friend or anybody. Confident while giving any opinion and answer to the questions asked by the lecturer.
  • Stay organized. Use a planner to write down any important things (tutorial, assignment, mini project, quiz, and test). Able to balance everything.
  • Do all daily homework. Complete homework and assignments on time. 
  • Study more than just the cramming. Never give up and make a commitment to work the best.

H mm.. from those above criteria could you make a guess??? Think yourself.. haha..


Wajib Tayang said...

who is the person u describe above??is he/she in BCE department?

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